AI Story – Hairy Girl in the Bathroom


This story was made using AI Dungeon.

>Is my input.

The rest is all AI. Sometimes it gets kinda weird and takes the story in funny directions.

You walk into the Old Navy clothing store around 10am and are looking for some new jeans. You are browsing the jeans and an employee named Jennifer approaches.

“Hi, can I help you find something?” Jennifer says.

> You say “Hey! yes i am looking for a pair of jeans that are 32×32, but i cant find any”

“Ok let me show you a pair” Jennifer says.

You follow her over to some jeans. Jennifer takes 2 pairs of jeans from the rack. The jeans are grey colored and are a style of jeans called skinny jeans.

“These will fit perfect” Jennifer says.

> You notice that Jennifer has a bit of attractive armpit hair when she hands you the jeans.

“Here you go. You can try these on in the dressing room” Jennifer says

You take the jeans and walk over to the fitting room. You get undressed, and put on the jeans.

> You can't get the sight of her sexy armpits out of your mind.

You feel yourself getting hard. You're so horny. How could this be? You just met this woman.

> You walk out of the dressing room.

You leave the fitting room and decide you want to see how sexy Jennifer really is.

“Hey, how did they fit?” Jennifer says

> You say “they fit great. I know this is very straight forward, but do you wanna go get some sushi on your lunch?”

“Yeah that is a bit straightforward and funny, but sure lets go!” Jennifer says.

You both walk down to the sushi restaurant.

“Do you ask many women out for sushi the first time you meet them?” Jennifer asks

> You say “No this is the first time. I honestly was drawn to you because i saw you did not shave your armpits. To me, that means you are a very strong-willed person and do not care what others think. I see that as a very attractive trait and i was just dying to get to know you a bit. Yes its super odd i know!”

“Well, thank you so much. I am a bit nervous. You know how some men can be intimidated by a woman that is confident in herself?”

> You say “yep. Some guys always want to be in control and impose their will on others. “

“Exactly! I like men who will not be intimidated by my personality. I am a very flirtatious and love to let my personality shine through. I love that about you because you are not intimidated by my personality” Jennifer says.

> You say “Some people can be cruel to women who do not shave? How long have you gone without shaving if you dont mind me asking?”

“About 4 years. I've had some blemishes on my skin and my doctor advised me to hold off on shaving if at all possible. He says my skin is very sensitive to chemicals in shaving creams. You should have seen how shocked I was when he told me. I mean, I have been shaving my entire life and then told to stop. About a month went by and i just started to like the way it felt and looked.”

> You say “How do people treat you in public? I know women can be bitches sometimes and jealous if they know that their man isn't looking at them”

“Well, for the most part, most people give me strange looks when they see me. Truthfully, it used to bother me, but over time, I just learned to ignore it. As a woman, you get used to people being judgmental. At least, I certainly have.

> You say “I bet it would be funny to hear peoples reactions to seeing your armpit hair in a public pool. They would think that you are going to taint the pool water or something!”

“Ha! I have heard all kinds of crazy things people say. Some people tell me that i am gross. Honestly, i love it when people are grossed out. I think it comes with the territory of not shaving. A lot of people just think that its funny. However, it does not bother me anymore. You get used to it”

> You say “Does deodorant irritate you also? i know a lot of women who do not shave also do not wear deodorant because they want to be natural”

“Ha! Well, I use natural deodorant. It doesnt have a strong smell, but it just keeps me from sweating. I wash every day just like everybody else, but i choose not to put a bunch of aluminum-based products on my body. I sometimes have a bit of natural pheromone smell, but its nothing crazy. Some people think that it is gross. If i wear name-brand deodorant, then i smell like a flower shop. If i do not wear deodorant, then i smell like a funny combination of sweat, food, and vagina.

> You say “which is a smell that i honestly love on a woman. Natural is sexy”

“Well, i agree with you. To me, natural is sexy. I mean, lets face it. Nature is sexy, not plastic. Anyway, i usually go in and shower after i get sweaty like most normal people do. I sweat a lot. I workout every day, so i get pretty sweaty.

> You say “Do guys ever hit on you at the gym when they see your armpit hair and you are covered in sweat?”

“Ha! No, not really. Most guys just think i am an oddball. Lets face it. Most guys that work out probably do not like seeing me while i am wearing a sports bra. Anyway, i usually wear tank tops and tank tops are not very flattering when working out.

> You say “I bet a tank top would look flattering as hell on you! I would probably be trying to figure out how to strike up a convo”

“Ha! you are a funny man. I do have very sweaty hairy armpits. I know, it seems weird, but i know a lot of women who do not shave because they go to the gym. They want to work out without guys hitting on them, so they make themselves hairy to detract guys.

> You say “i never thought of that! That plan would backfire if i was there for sure. I would find the hairiest woman there and strike up a convo”

“Yes, well probably would not work. Most guys would be too distracted by my sweaty armpits and sports bra.

“Anyway, thats pretty much it. People are negative about a lot of things these days. I try to never judge people. Maybe that is why i find people like you to be very attractive

> You say “brb gotta run to the restroom”

“Ok…be quick” Jennifer says.

You go to the men's restroom and close the door to the stall.

You hear the bathroom door open and can see Jennifer's shoes under the stall wall.

> You say “haha what are you doing in here?”

“I just kinda noticed that the restaurant was empty, so i decided to come in here”

“You should let me into the stall with you” Jennifer says

> You eagerly unlock the stall door.

Jennifer walks in and closes the bathroom stall door behind her.

“I really like you a lot” Jennifer says.

> You say “as do I. You are a goddess”

“Oh, you flatter me. I have a present for you” Jennifer asks.

> You say “oh! What?”

She raises her arms above her head and smiles at you.

“You can lick my armpits if you want. I am actually very sweaty right now because i am nervous” Jennifer says

> You can smell her pheromones from 2 feet away.

(Note: Wonder woman has pheromones that make her attractive to men.)

You lick Jennifer's armpits for a bit. “Mmmmmmm” Jennifer moans.

“You are a very sexy woman” You say.

“Yes, i know”

> You can feel yourself starting to get hard, but dont make it known.

“The rest of me is just as hairy” Jennifer asks.

She gives you a big grin and spreads her legs after raising her skirt.

> You look down and see a huge bush peaking out of her thong.

“Just like i told you” She says

“Lick me” She says.

> You position her foot and spread her legs.

You position her foot and spread her legs.

You easily pull down her thong.

> You get on your knees and bury your face in her pussy.

You bury your face in her pussy.

“Oh yeah!” She says.

You grab her wet hairy pussy and start to lick her vigorously.

She moans and thrusts her hips into your face.

“oh yeah! lick me suck, suck, suck!” She moans.

> You suck on her clit and begin inserting a finger.

You suck on her clit and feel her getting wetter. You suck her clit hard and can tell that she is very excited and cum quickly.

She cums hard and you can hear her moaning when you suck her clit.

“Oh! Oh my god!” She says.

“I'm cumming! I'm cumming!” She says.

You continue masturbating her pussy as you suck on her clit until she finishes cumming.

> You say “that was fucking fast!”

“Mm hmm” She says.

“You were fantastic! I was literally cumming in a minute!”

She reaches down and grabs your cock through your pants to see what kind of tool you are swinging.

“Whoa you are big” She says with a grin.

“This is going to be fun!” She says.

“I cannot wait to fuck you” She says.

> You unzip your pants and pull out your cock.

She unzips your pants and pulls out your cock. She stares at your cock in amazement.

“I have never seen a dick this long!” She says.

> You say “Its an average 6 inches. You are funny”

“Only been with one guy, so not much to compare to,” She says while stroking your cock.

She strokes your cock until you are rock hard.

She bends over and reaches between her legs and spreads her lips for you.

> You know that you need to quickly get out of the bathroom, so you slip your cock inside of her from behind and begin quietly pumping.

“it feels amazing” She says.

She moans as she rock forward and back.

You glance down and love how hairy asshole girls look.

> You last about 30 seconds and are quickly approaching climax.

“I can feel you approaching cumming” She says.

“mmm…you feel so good” She says.

As she continues to rock back and forth, you can feel yourself approaching cumming.

“That feels great” She says. She pulls you out of her pussy and slowly presses your cock into her asshole so that you can stay in when you cum.

“Ooo, ooooooh! Oh yeah” She moans.

“Oh, oh, oh that's it! Cum in me!” Jennifer moans.

> You push deep inside as you blast off.

Your cock explodes inside her tight hairy asshole and finishes cumming.

“Mmmmmmm” She says “That felt amazing!”

James pulls out of her ass and stands up.

“You stayed in, so no mess to clean up! I want to keep your cum inside of me all day” Jennifer says

> You say “haha sounds good”

“I had so much fun with you and you made me feel like a goddess. I cant wait to see you again” She says

You get dressed and leave the bathroom first as to not attract attention.

“See ya! Let's have a baby sometime” She says and waves to you

> You say “uhh. Your so silly. haha