AI Story – Hairy Therapist and a Glory Hole

This story was made using AI Dungeon.

>Is my input.

The rest is all AI. Sometimes it gets kinda weird and takes the story in funny directions.

The story started out innocent, but took a funny turn.

You arrive at your therapist's office in the shopping center. You walk into the lobby and see 4 chairs against the wall and a bookshelf filled with various magazines. The cute secretary sits behind the window and greets you when you arrive.

“Hi, are you here to see Doctor Winter?” she says.


“She will be ready for you in a few minutes. Just hang tight in there.”

You sit down and flip through the magazine until she opens her office door.

“Come in, James,” she says.

> You walk into the doctors office and close the door behind you.

The doctor is sitting on a black leather couch that has 4 pillows with fluffy material on them. She has big boobs and female hairy armpits. Hairy leg girl also. She stands up and shakes your hand and sits down in a wooden chair across from you.

“Now, James, tell me how you're doing today.”

> You say “I have been great. How have you been?”

She stands up and walks around the chair. She sits down facing you.

“I've been great, too,” she says.

She stands up and starts playing with her hair.

“So, what brings you here today?” she asks.

> You say “since you are my therapist.. i came to talk about my obsession”

She sits back down and flips her hair again.

“I see… obsessed with what?” she asks.

> You say “I love natural hairy women. I am completely obsessed with female armpit hair and i don't know why”

She stands up and walks around her desk and leans against it.

“Why don't you tell me?” she asks.

She points her finger at you and leans in.

“Please, tell me why you like hairy women,” she whispers.

> You say “I see it as a sign of maturity and femininity. Maturity is attractive to me.”

She stands up and walks around her chair.

“And what about hair on your legs?” she asks.

“Its just as attractive to me. Its just… i don't know… and i guess i am just attracted to women with hair.”

> You say “Sometimes people tell me that i must be gay because i like hairy women. It is such a bullshit statement.”

She looks at you and turns to lean against the wall.

“Do you feel like you may be gay because of these attractions?” she asks.

> You say “Not in the slightest. I do not like guys. Everybody has hair naturally, so liking hair on a woman does not mean you are gay.”

She stands up and walks around her desk.

“But, you are attracted to women,” she says.

She walks around her desk and sits down.

“You are attracted to femininity in hair,” she says.

She stands up and leans against her desk.

> You say “Yes. I think that being able to see the natural true beauty is a good trait to have”

“You feel that you have a good trait,” she says.

“Yes,” you say. “You see through everything to fully comprehend it.”

> You say “I noticed that you do not shave. How does it make you feel in public?”

She leans against the wall and crosses her legs.

“I do not shave my armpits because I love the look and the smell of it when I don't wear deodorant. I often like to go out in public and show off my armpit hair.”

She adjusts her shirt to show off her hairy armpits.

> You blush and feel embarrassed.

“I am not embarrassed,” she says. “I am proud of my natural body hair.”

“I love women that are proud of their natural body hair,” you say.

She turns away from you and starts playing with her hair.

> You say “i feel kinda funny because i am sitting here telling you how attracted i am to hairy women and yet you are a very hairy woman.”

She stands up and turns around.

“I feel very honored,” she says.

“I love your armpit hair,” you say.

“Thank you, James,” she says.

> You say “I should not have said that as you are my doctor. I apologize.”

“No, James,” she says. “I feel honored that you like my armpit hair.”

She turns around and starts playing with her hair.

“Now, let's get back to why you are here, James,” she says.

> You say “Honestly you have kinda convinced me that I don't even have a problem”

“Really?” she asks. “You seem to be very obsessed with women's armpit hair,” she says.

She sits down and crosses her legs.

“Do you like pubic hair?” she asks.

> You say “of course i do”

“I do not shave down there either,” she says. “I love the feeling of the hair going down my legs.”

She adjusts her skirt to expose more womens leg hair.

> You say “why are you trying to torture me?”

“I am not trying to torture you,” she says.

“I feel very strongly about body hair,” she says.

> You say “You do understand that you are teasing me right?”

She sits back down and crosses her legs.

“A little bit, yes,” she says.

She adjusts her skirt more to expose more womanly leg hair.

“I like to flaunt it,” she says.

> You say “You are my doctor. You shouldn't be flaunting it to me.”

“I know, James,” she says. “I have not been very discreet about it. But, you're right.”

She sits on the desk and puts her legs in an X.

“I am sorry,” she says.

> You love hairy legs women and fantasize about her.

“Its okay,” you say. “I trust you.”

“You do?” she asks.

“Yes,” you say.

“I can feel your arousal just looking at my exotic hairy legs,” she says.

She walks over and locks the door.

She turns on the white noise generator.

> You say “whatcha doing?”

She sits down on the desk and puts her legs in the X.

“I am just teasing you a bit. You are very aroused by looking at my body hair,” she says.

She stands up and turns around.

> You say “Yes Doctor Winter. You are turning me on.”

She takes off her top to reveal her large breasts and hairy armpits.

She turns around and leans against the wall.

“You are very turned on,” she says.

> You say “everything about you is sexy”

She readjusts her behind and legs to reveal her legs and some pubic hair.

“Now take off your pants, James,” she says.

> You say “Doctor, why do i need to remove my pants?”

“Because i want to see how turned on you get when you look at my sexy body,” she says.

She walks over to you and drops her pants so you can see her sexy hairy pussy.

“Show me what you got in your pants” she says

“I want to see your penis get hard while looking at me” she says.

> You remove your pants and show her what you have.

She gets up on the desk and spreads her sweaty hairy legs.

“I want to see it hard,” she says.

> You begin stroking to get it hard.

You stroke your penis hard.

Her smile turns to a frown.

“Your penis is indeed getting hard, but it definitely is not what i expected,” she says.

“I thought it was going to be quite a bit longer and thicker,” she says.

> You make a mean face.

“Can you make your penis harder?” she asks.

“Yes,” you say.

> You concentrate and get your dick as hard as it can get.

“I do not see the point of you penetrating me because it is not going to do anything,” she says.

“Can you fuck me with my dildo instead?” she says

> You say “your fucking mean”

“Yes, i am a fucking mean doctor,” she says.

“You do realize that i am fucking with you right?” she says.

“Your dick is perfectly fine,” she says

> You say “god damn. Is that supposed to be fun foreplay?”

“Yes,” she says.

“I am really turned on by teasing you, James,” she says.

She raises her arms above her head and positions her sexy hairy armpit smell in front of your face.

You can feel her body heat and smell her natural scent.

> You say “wow you smell wonderful”

“I love the smell of armpit hair,” she says.

She moves her armpits back and forth in front of your face.

She giggles and rubs her armpits on your face.

You begin to rub your cock with your left hand.

> You lean in and try to lick her armpit.

She laughs and pushes you away.

“I like you to try, but i will not let you,” she says.

> You slowly move your hand up her hairy leg towards her wet hairy pussy.

She laughs and pushes your hand away.

She puts her right leg on top of yours and you start massaging her hairy leg.

She moans.

“That is very nice,” she says.

She rubs her pussy and her wet hairy asshole juice on your leg.

> You kiss her neck and slowly kiss down towards her armpits.

She turns her head and opens her mouth as your kiss moves down.

She grinds her pussy on your leg.

She moans with pleasure as you tongue her armpits.

> You kiss down her side and slowly bend her over with her wet hairy asshole right in front of your mouth.

You bend her over and lick her pussy and asshole from behind.

“Does that taste good?” She says

> You say “pure ecstasy”

“It tastes wonderful,” you say.

You slowly lick her sweet wet pussy and continue to lick her wet asshole while she rubs her leg on your head.

She moans and begins to rub her clit.

“I am about to cum,” she says.

> You keep up the rhythm as she begins to quiver.

She moans and shivers.

She begins to cum.

“Ahhhhh,” she says.

She curls her toes.

She rubs her clit as she cums.

> You say “I dont think iv ever seen a woman cum that hard”

“Your tongue felt like you were trying to bury it up my ass,” she says.

“Do you think you deserve to enter my body now?” she says

> You say “i think so”

She flips over onto her back.

She reaches down to grab you and pulls you down.

She spreads her legs apart with a big grin on her face.

She leans over and grabs your hard dick and guides it inside her slippery hairy pussy.

She moans with pleasure as you begin to penetrate her.

> You push in as hard as you can and wait a second just to savor the moment.

She moans and tightens her vagina around you.

She starts to thrust her hips.

She raises her arms and gently pulls your face into her armpit.

She squeezes her vulva tightly around you.

> You begin thrusting and find the you have to push really hard because of how tight she is.

She grinds her pussy against you.

She thrusts her pelvis against you and pushes your penis deeper into her body.

She squeezes you even more tightly as you are nearing orgasm.

> You thrust in and stay deep inside of her as cum shoots out of your cock.

You feel her pussy muscles contract around your cock.

You feel her vagina squeeze in pleasure as your cum shoots deep inside her.

She rubs your cock with her sweaty hands as you pull out and make cum gush from her pussy.

“Your hair is really soft,” she says.

> You say “thankyou”

“I just love the feel of it,” she says.

She reaches down and cups your balls and starts to rub them.

She continues to rub you and says, “It feels wonderful,”

The office smells like hot sex.

> You begin putting your clothes back on.

She reaches for her panties.

She pulls her panties up and covers her sexy hairy bush.

“Damn i smell pungent right now,” she says.

> You say “yes you do and its amazing”

“Thank you, thank you,” she says.

“I cannot wait until our next appointment,” she says.

> You say “yes this was a very therapeutic session haha”

“Yes,” she says.

“I am glad you did not have to take any erectile dysfunction medication,” she says.

> You say “maybe when i get a bit older, but not yet!”

She reaches forward and kisses you.

You say “Bye” and she turns and walks out of the room.

Your secretary is waiting for you.

She says “You ready?”

> You walk out to the secretary.

“Yes,” you say.

The secretary walks you to your next appointment.

“Did you enjoy your session?” she asks.

You say “It was very therapeutic.”

“I want you to leave feeling different than when you arrived.”

> You stop by the bathroom on the way out.

You wash your hands.

You feel the wetness of your cum in your hand.

You notice a hole in the wall of the stall that says “complimentary glory hole included with all therapy sessions”.

> You walk out of the bathroom and go into the room on the other side of the hole to see who it is.

You see a man on his knees waiting for somebody to use the glory hole.

He is playing on his phone while waiting.

> You say “gross!!”

“Hello sir,” he says.

His hair is dark in some places and white in others.

His sweaty chest and back glisten in the light.

“I am waiting for somebody to use my glory hole,” he says.

“I am highly skilled,” he says.

“If you want to use it.”

> You say “I think i will pass”

“Why would anybody pass up an opportunity to use me,” he says.

“I am really quite skilled.”

“Try me and you will see,” he says.

“I am not used to rejection,” he says.

“I will take it personally.”

“You will regret that.”

> You say “No way. I am not into guys”

“Who said anything about a guy,” he says.

“You will not know the difference between man and woman once you put your cock through that hole and into me,” he says.

> You say “so gross to think about”

“I would not bore you with the details,” he says.

“But I can assure you it will be quite pleasurable,” he says.

“Please go give it a try,” he says.

“I can bend over and put my ass up to the hole and you can fuck it instead if that helps,” he says.

> You say “no thanks. I will be leaving now”

“I beg of you,” he says.

“Put your cock there and fuck my ass,” he says.

“You have five minutes before we are out of time.”

“I can only offer this once,” he says.

> You turn and walk away.

“You could have at least done it just out of curiosity,” he says.

“I would have enjoyed that.”

“I will be waiting here until you do.”

“You are missing an opportunity of a lifetime.”

You step outside the room and see Doctor Winter glaring at you.

> You say “That guy in there wanted me to fuck him. gross”

She walks over to you.

“It is part of his contract to offer his services to customers,” she says.

“Don't be mad at him” she says

> You say “Im not mad. It was just weird”

“You did not let him mess you up,” she says.

“You did not let him use you for his selfish purposes,” she says.

“You are strong and independent and did not allow that to happen,” she says.

“I use this as a form of confidence-building for patients,” she says.

> You say “yea thats just fuckin weird”

“I want you to leave feeling good and positive about yourself,” she says.

“I am glad you had such a positive experience with this,” she says.

“It empowers patients,” she says.

She makes sure nobody is looking and slightly raises her dress so you can see her beautiful hairy legs.

> You say “why did you do that?”

“I just wanted to show you something to look forward to for our next session,” she says.

> You say “wonderful. take care Dr Winter”

She makes an obscene gesture at you.

She walks away and laughs.

She stops in the hallway and turns around.

She says “next time you get into a car with a female driver, insert your penis between her legs and rub her hairy young pussy until she cums.”

> You say “It sounds very dangerous, but i will remember that. thanks”

“This is part of being a real man,” she says.

> You say “Get into a car accident and be a real man. Got it!”

“Yes,” she says.

She walks away and shrugs her shoulders.