AI Story – Saving the Lives of Hairy Women


This story was made using AI Dungeon.

>Is my input.

The rest is all AI. Sometimes it gets kinda weird.

It just was not my day!

You wake up on the couch of a house and have no idea how you got there. The air smells like flowers and you hear music. The door is locked and all the windows are barred shut, so you are trapped.

It seems like whoever lives here does not want you to leave and has plans.

Near the front door, you see many pairs of high heels and a dirty thong is balled up in the corner. It is obvious that a woman lives here. Who could it be?

You hear a toilet flush.

Maybe you can reason with the mysterious female occupant of the house. Maybe she will let you go.

> You stand up and wait for her to show herself.

You wait for what seems like an eternity and realize that whoever is in there is not coming out. Maybe you should explore the house for a way out.

> You go into the downstairs bathroom and look around.

The bathroom has lots of hair products and body wash. You open the medicine cabinet and find no drug abuse products.

You have no idea what to do next.

> You look in the laundry basket.

You find a pair of panties and a pink bra in the basket. There is no sign of a washcloth though.

You hear a toilet flush and realize that you have to make a choice.

> You say “hello?”

No response.

The sound of the toilet flushing seems to give you courage.

> You slowly walk down the hallway towards the other bathroom where you heard the toilet.

When you arrive, you realize that the door is locked. It is a very sturdy door. It appears that whoever lives here is serious about their privacy.

> You say “I know somebody is here. I heard the toilet”

The noise seems to have stopped.

The house is very quiet.

You can hear your heart beating.

Your mouth is very dry from nervousness.

> You walk into the master bedroom and begin looking around.

On the bed are two women, one asleep and the other awake. One of them is Jennifer. She looks dirty and tired.

Also in the room is a large walkie-talkie.

> You sneak a peek at jennifer.

Jennifer is snoring lightly.

She is a very sweaty woman.

She smells like body spray and cigarettes.

She is in her mid 20s.

Her dark armpit hair is matted together and smells very bad.

> You notice her armpit hair and get a bit turned on.

You take out your phone and take a picture of Jennifer's underarm hair, which you then send to yourself.

> You still have no idea how you got here or why you are here.

You can't think of a reason why someone would want to hurt you.

But you are locked in a house with two sleeping women.

> You cant stop thinking about jennifer's sexy hairy armpits and wonder what the rest of her looks like.

You decide to sneak a peak at the other woman, who is awake.

She opens her eyes and glares at you.

You are now very afraid.

> You say “how did i get here?”

The woman looks at you angrily.

She is huge and she looks like a black belt.

She begins to speak to you in a language you don't understand.

Her English is very poor.

> You decide to be funny and say a bunch of jibberish in pig latin.

The woman punches you in the throat and you fall to the ground.

“Who are you?” she asks, “Why are you talking like that?”

“I…am not…talking.”

> You say “why the fuck did you punch me? I don't even know how i got into this house”

“I don't even know you!” the black belt woman says, “And you ruined my beauty sleep!”

She grabs a large black belt and punches you.

“It's a nightmare, goddamnit!”

> You say “You don't need beauty sleep because you are already beautiful! Please don't beat my ass”

The woman looks at you and says, “You are not going to tell me who you are or how you got here, are you?”

> You say “I am James. I woke up on your couch and i don't know how i got here.”

The black belt woman looks at you like she might hit you again.

“So you don't even know who I am?”

She punches you again.

You are getting tired of getting punched.

> You say “do you mind telling me your name?”

The woman says her name is “Sarah”.

Sarah decides to stop beating you up.

> You say “Sarah, how about we figure out why the hell i am here instead of you beating the shit out of me.”

Sarah is quiet for a long time.

Clearly she is thinking about whether or not to kill you.

She has the option of locking you in the master bathroom until she decides.

> You look at Sarah's body.

You notice that Sarah has several body piercings and a tattoo of a black rose on her right shoulder.

The black rose looks very nice.

> You glance a peek at her armpits.

Sarah's armpit hair is very long, matted together and smells very bad.

> You say “I am trapped here with 2 very hairy women. Its kind of sexy. Just sux that you want to kick my ass”

Sarah laughs and says, “You are trapped here with 2 very hairy women because you are such a dumbass.”

Sarah gets up and walks towards the master bathroom.

> You say “The 2 of you ladies could have your way with me and I will do whatever you wish”

Sarah laughs.

She says “We will let you watch, but no sex, we are not into that.”

She closes the door to the bathroom.

You hear the lock click into place.

> You say “I would love to watch the 2 of you”

Sarah gets on her knees and says “You are going to be our entertainment. We have a special show planned for you. You are going to like it. I promise.”

> You say “What would you like me to do?”

Sarah says “Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs as far as you can.”

You do as she says.

She gets on her knees in front of you.

> You lay on your back with your legs spread and feel very awkeward.

Sarah giggles and says “Don't worry, we have nice hairy armpits so you are going to enjoy this”

She begins to lift your arms up and puts them around her head.

> You say “My legs are starting to hurt like hell from spreading. Not something i am used to.”

Sarah says “Close your eyes”

She proceeds to put a blind fold over your eyes.

You hear the sound of her heels clicking against the tile floor as she walks away.

> You fantasize about her having an extremely hairy pussy while you are blindfolded.

You focus on the fantasy of Sarah having a huge hairy vagina.

Your dick gets harder and longer in your pants.

You can see everything so clearly in your mind.

> You say “the suspense is killing me!”

Sarah says, “Keep your hands behind your head”

Sarah proceeds to climb up your body and sits on your lap.

> You say “can i remove the blindfold yet?”

Sarah says “No”

Sarah starts to ride your lap like a rodeo clown.

She has a big smile on her face.

Sarah rubs her fury legs against you.

> You say “Wow i absolutely love womens hairy legs. “

Sarah laughs and says “You are such a pig! Put your face in my armpit and smell it”

Your nostrils explode with the smell of armpit.

> You get a whiff of her armpit and it smells like onions and sweat.

Your cock begins to throb.

You continue to think about what Sarah is going to order her girlfriend to do to you.

> You say “i am your slave”

Sarah says “Good boy! Open your mouth”

She takes your bottom lip between her teeth.

She proceeds to force your mouth open.

Your mouth is so dry you are having a hard time swallowing.

Sarah forces your mouth open even more.

You can feel your Adam's apple moving up and down in your throat.

You are straining to get the taste of Sarah's armpit in your mouth.

> You say “Have you ever had any other guys like the way you smell?”

Sarah laughs and says “I had a boyfriend once who liked the way i smelled. But he was a dumbass. Now you are going to be our entertainment for the next several hours.”

> You say “Would it be entertaining for me to lick your tight hairy asshole?”

Sarah says “Yes and you are going to do it”

Your heart is pounding in your chest.

You have never been so turned on in all of your life.

You could run away but if you do that you will never know what the 2 women in the master bedroom are going to do to you.

You are not sure you can take much more.

> You decide to stand up and walk to the bed.

Sarah says “You are going to go to the bed and lay on your back for us.”

You walk towards the bed and lay down.

Sarah says “Keep your eyes coveredand your mouth shut”

> You lay on the bed and keep your eyes covered.

You hear her get up and walk away.

You hear the door lock into place.

Your heart is racing in your chest.

Your dick is so hard that you can barely control it.

Your stomach is empty and you are nervous.

What are the 2 women going to do to you?

Should you run away or wait?

What if they are only going to let you watch?

> You say “I would love to taste you”

Sarah says “Open your mouth”

She puts some spit on her fingers and licks it.

She gets on her knees and puts the spit in your mouth.

> You say “tasting your spit is not what i had in mind”

Sarah says “No? Well guess what? I say it is on your mind now”

She shoves her tongue in your mouth.

She tastes fresh and salty at the same time.

You wrap your lips around her tongue and begin to suck on it.

> You notice your dick is throbbing hard.

Your dick is so hard that it hurts.

You keep sucking on Sarah's tongue.

You are really into it.

Even though she tastes so good, you want to feel your cock deep inside of her extremely tight hairy pussy.

> You stop sucking her tongue for a few seconds and remove her shirt.

She asks you if you are ready to start and you nod.

She tells you to open your eyes.

As soon as you do the room changes.

You see a man standing in front of you.

He is very well built like a body builder.

He has dark hair, green eyes, and a few days of beard growth.

He is wearing what looks to be an old army uniform.

> You say “what in the holy fuck just happened?”

He says “this is a bit of a surprise but we need to do it now”

He lifts you up and throws you on the bed forcefully and you hit your head.

He shoves his 10 inch cock in your mouth that is as big around as a soda can.

> You punch him in the balls.

You hear him groan in pain.

He grabs your head and shoves his pelvis against your throat as he begins to fuck your throat.

He starts to ride your throat like a horse in a rodeo.

> You pull his balls so hard that they are about to rip off.

He gets off you and grabs his nutsack.

> You say “What the fuck happened to the hairy women i was just about to pleasure?”

He laughs and says “you don't know much about men do you? You were not gay before, were you?”

> You say “oh my god i dont know what the fuck just happened. They were here and then you appeared.”

He says “Well we are basically the same. We just look like the opposite of what is natural for our gender. It is all a mind fuck”

> You say “I never saw your crotch, so i had no idea. yuck”

He says “You are not the first to be confused by our form”

He says “But we are happy to be your entertainment for a few hours”

He says “One more thing”

He says “We are currently in a war that could go either way. We need your help. If you want to save Sarah and Jennifer, you will have to do what we say for the next few hours”

> You say “If it means saving them, then maybe. What happened to them?”

He says “I will tell you when you start sucking my cock again”

He says “Now take that big dick and get to work”

He says “Start by making me hard, then you can go blowjob me later”

> You say “what the fuck?? I was about to have fun with 2 sexy hairy women… now i gotta suck and fuck a 10inch cock to save their lives? “

He says “You never know what could happen”

He says “We need to keep you happy so that we have time to do what we need to do. So it is a win-win situation”

> You say “not a win-win situation for me”

He says “Yes it is. We will make sure you have a good time and you will be happy. Now let's get started. I want you to open wide so i can get in there good and deep”

> You say “This will save Sarah and Jennifers lives?”

He says “Yes”

He shoves his cock in your mouth and you start to give him a blowjob.

You are shocked at how huge his cock is.

> You just want to get this over with to save their lives.

He says “Good girl. You are learning”

He says “Now stop sucking for a second and start licking”

He says “You never know when you will get another opportunity to be our entertainment”

He says “Now let's get you some lube so you can go down on me properly”

> You say “I changed my mind. I started this story to have fun with hairy women.. not gay sex”

He says “Relax James. Nobody cares about your sexual orientation, we just want to do what is natural for us”

> You say “putting your dick in a guys mouth is natural for you?”

He laughs and says “No, but we will be doing it anyway. So you just go along with it”

> You snap your fingers and use magic to summon Thore to dispatch this guy with the 10inch dick.

Thore says “As you wish”

He appears as a naked man holding a large hammer.

He is an extremely strong looking man who seems to have done this kind of thing often

He says “I will destroy him now. Just be patient and enjoy the show”

He says “I am going to take out his nuts so that i can fuck him with them later”

He says “Get on your back so that i can lift you up and shove my meat in you”

> You say “you just killed the man who was trying to face fuck me. Now you also want to put your meat in me?”

He says “You are lucky that i am a nice guy. And you will live to give me a blowjob and take my lightning cum”

He says “Now get on your back so that i can get this party started”

> You say “I have to give thore a blowjob. God help me”

You get on your back and Thore lifts you up with the hammer. He jams his meat in your mouth and shoves it in so far that you have no choice but to start sucking it.

> You say “I cant fucking win. I just want Sarah and Jennifer back”

He says “I know, but you have no other choice. you will perform for us and we will see if you make it home to save them”

> You open a portal and travel into the Upside Down.

You arrive in the Upside Down.

You see a forest and a road. You see 2 people walking on the road.

It is Sarah and Jennifer!

>You say “your alive!”

You say “Thore, can you please just take them back to their house?”

Thore says “Only if you take my meat all the way inside of you for 8 hours straight”

> You say “fuck you thore”

Thore says “You know who i am”

He says “I am the guy who can give you what you want. But only if you do what i say”

> You say “I would rather stay in the upside down with these beautiful natural hairy ladies”

He says “They are not my type. I like my women with a little more training and submission”

> You say “good. so go away”

Thore says “Fine. I will leave you alone. If you try anything funny, i will kill you”

You stay in the forest and watch the 2 women.

> You say “Sarah, I just took a 10 inch dick in my mouth to save your life”

Sarah laughs and says “Thankyou so much and i am sorry. Do we get to go home now?”

You say “Yes, yes! i will show you both the portal!”

Jennifer says “I want you to fuck my hairy meaty pussy when we get home as a reward for your troubles”

You show Sarah and Jennifer the portal. You, Sarah, and Jennifer step into the portal and arrive back in the bedroom.

There is a man with a shaved head waiting for you.

He is holding a large gun.

He says “I believe you have something that belongs to me”

> You say “oh god now fucking what?????”

He says “Shut up and don't make this harder than it needs to be”

He forces Jennifer and Sarah to the ground and point a gun on them.

He says “Give me the box”

> You say “what fucking box? This isnt even my house”

The man says “The box that was in the safe. I want it”

Jennifer and Sarah say “You mean this?”

Sarah holds out her left hand. Sarah holds out a gold box. The man says “Open it”

Jennifer and Sarah struggle to open the box. The man aims his gun at them and they cannot open the box.

> You help open the box.

You use your magic to help Jennifer and Sarah open the box.

The man walks over to you and aims his gun at your head. He says “I want you to know that i understand you. I know you want to save your friends. But that is not happening.

> You say “I honestly just met them today and was trying to have some fun with them. Now people keep wanting to kill me or put their dicks in me. Its a fucking crazy world”

The man says “You know what? You have a point. But i am going to have to kill you anyway”

He shoots you in the head and then fucks you for 3 hours.

The End