Who Got You Into Hairy Women?

I was your typical brainwashed teen growing up and thought that women were only attractive if they removed every hair from their body besides what was on their head. Yep.. I liked females to look like they had not gone through puberty yet. Hairy armpits? Hairy legs? Gross!!! I still question any male who feels that way. I didn't really have any experience with girls until I was in 11th grade (besides kissing and holding hands), so I just based my expectations on female body hair on what other guys said. The first pussy I ever touched had a landing strip which I thought was kind of cute at the time. The second one I touched had razor burn really bad with those yucky ingrown hairs all over the place. I never understood why girls put themselves through that.

At the age of 18, I started dating a 16-year old that I met playing softball. We got married when I was 21 and are still going strong now after 17 years. I have always liked thick girls with huge tits. When my friend found out I was dating her he said to me.. Ahh man you lucked out!! She has huge tits!.. lol. Sometimes she shaved and sometimes she didn't. I didn't mind it either way as long as she was happy with herself. Eventually, I started to see a natural hairy pussy as being womanly and feminine, so I told her that if she ever “did not feel like shaving”… she didn't have to do it anymore. She completely stopped shaving her pussy.

One day she went to the porn store with her friend because she needed help picking some stuff out for her husband. While they were there my wife decided to pick up a few random porns for us to watch. She knew I liked big tits and hairy pussies, so she stayed in that niche. How sweet of her right? We popped one in the DVD player that night and fooled around in bed while we watched it. The porn had 2 stars in it… Suzie Wilden and Chloe Vevrier! Chloe lifted her arm one time and I saw her amazing hairy armpits. My wife is like.. Ewwwwww!!!! I remained quiet and just watched because I felt like my brain kinda short-circuited. I went to bed pondering what I saw and still did not have an opinion about her hairy pits.

The next day my wife was out of the house and I decided to put it on and fast forward to her sexy hairy armpits. After watching it a few dozen times I came to the conclusion that something about it was kinda sexy, but I couldn't figure out exactly why. The more I thought about it the more I began to like it. It developed from a slight preference to a full-blown hairy armpit fetish. The googling started and I found ATK Hairy along with a laundry list of models which I found insanely attractive. I have tried over the years to get my wife to stop shaving her armpits and legs, but she won't. Every once in a while she will go a week or so without shaving during the winter, but that's about it. We have way more sex when that happens lol.

I am curious how you got into liking hairy women. Please feel free to comment below!