Women Should Stop Shaving

Photographer Ben hopper captured over twenty ladies with unshaved hairy armpits. He did this deliberately to mess with the stereotype that people have about women shaving their hair.

Why is long armpit hair sexy?

Part of the reason why women with natural hairy armpits are sexy is that it is a very unconventional look. It is just the same way you see women walking around topless, so when you see cleavage, it makes you feel more excited. Back in the seventies, body hair was more mainstream and socially acceptable. As time progressed, body hair started losing popularity. The media and the internet implanted the belief that body hair on women is not fashionable. The result was that most women across the globe bought this fallacy, and it became fashionable. Over the last ten years, however, this trend has gained more popularity, and ladies are beginning to put razors down.

Nowadays, there are more and more women who are more than willing to keep their body hair. There is even a campaign to advise other women to avoid shaving their hair.

People will always have negative things to say about hairy women. It doesn't matter whether they say that she has Robin Wiliams legs, it doesn't matter whether they say that you are more likely to have stinky armpits just because you have armpit hair, it doesn't matter that somebody mocks you and says, “ooh nice arms, they are so feminine.” Some guys might even look down on you, but it doesn't matter at all. The most important thing, however, is that you have natural body hair. You are all beautiful in the way that you are supposed to be. You do not need to get rid of what you were born with because others are pressuring you to do it.

Hair is a normal part of growing up, but the beauty industry has made society believe that it is very wrong for women to have their body hair. It is healthy for women not to shave and have a teen hairy pussy. The industry against body hair is making billions off the idea that it is unnatural or shameful to have body hair. Most women think that it is a shame for them to have body hair, so they get rid of it. Do you need to shave your body hair? The answer is no. The following are some of the reasons that might make you think otherwise;


On top of the list is time. A poll found that a woman might spend an average of seventy-two days in their lifetime shaving. Seriously, it is obvious that you can find something better to do with your time. Why spend your time doing something that is of little benefit to you. You could read a book, see a movie, ride a bike, learn a new language, go for yoga lessons, learn a new instrument three times a week or even hang out with your friends.


Consider the amount of money that you could save if you avoided shaving your hair. Statistics found that a woman could spend an average of $ 10,000 in their lifetime just on shaving products. For Christ's sake, imagine what you could do with that kind of money. Why spend money on razors, creams, lotions, and other crap that you don't need. For those women with sensitive skin, the amount of money they spend when shaving could be even higher because they will be spending on meds to avoid itching. If you could save that kind of money, you could spend It on other things that are much more fulfilling.


Imagine not undergoing the pain you get when shaving. For those people who have sensitive skin, pain is the norm when shaving. Their underarms always feel itchy. Why undergo all this in the name of beauty. Going to the beach and then getting saltwater on razor burn does not feel good at all. A woman who has not shaved her hair can comfortably go to the beach and not be uncomfortable at all with her wet hairy pussy.

No prickly parts

Just imagine a scenario where you don't worry anymore about those prickly parts. There is no need to worry about poking yourself or your partner anymore. Just feel comfortable in those teddy bear hairy legs.

Women should never shave their hair. It is not only unnatural but also makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Don't worry about societal expectations. You will still look beautiful with that hair. If being beautiful means you get rid of your body hair, then that is a total insult to who you are as an individual. It doesn't matter whether you have natural facial hair, and you are a woman. Don't shave it to become somebody who you are not. Appreciate who you are as an individual and learn to be proud of how unique you are. As Zoe Kravitz put it, realizing the true value of beauty is when you start appreciating who you are. When you start loving yourself is when you realize how beautiful you are. You can never learn how beautiful you are by shaving your armpits and legs.