AI Story – Funny Sex Fetishes

This story was made using AI Dungeon.

>Is my input.

The rest is all AI. Sometimes it gets kinda weird and takes the story in funny directions.

The AI just started making up funny shit!

You are at a small Christmas party and one of the women is a hairy pornstar. She has a glass of wine and sits down on the couch to do an interview with you. You are allowed to ask her anything you want and she will happily answer. She is not shy at all! It is cold and snowing outside, so you have a long time to talk.

You start off by asking her what her stage name is?

“Chloe Snow!” She says with a giggle, “My real name is Chloe Winters.”

“And what brought you into this line of work?” you ask.

“I love porn!” She says,

> You say “What is your opinion on female body hair in the porn industry?”

“I love it!” She says, “My armpits, legs, pussy, everything is covered in hair. It makes sex really hot. I love being natural. I wish more women were comfortable enough to not shave.”

> You say “Yea i agree. I think that a woman with hair is more feminine than shaved hair.”

“I agree.” She says, “I've always been natural. I was bald as a baby and then my body went the way nature intended. My hair grows everywhere. It is pretty thick too.”

> You say “Some people say that women who do not shave have more body odor. Is that true?”

“Honestly, I don't think so. Most people say body odor comes from sweat and since I have hair all over my body, I won't sweat as much. It is kind of hard to measure body odor, though.”

“Well, what do you think is your favorite part of your body?”

“My tight hairy asshole!” She says,

> You say “haha why is your asshole your favorite body part?”

“Because it is my favorite part to fuck.” She says.

“Why do you like to fuck it?”

“It is the most sensitive part of your body. It is connected to the nervous system and that gives me the most pleasurable sensations. Plus it smells,” She says, “it smells so good.”

> You say “Can you be descriptive and tell me how it smells?”

“It smells like sex and sweat. Lots of sweat. It is so sweet and sexy. I love it.”

> You say “very nice. Thats exactly how an ass should smell haha”

“Yea, it is very sexual. The smell of it transports me to another world. It turns me on like crazy.”

> You say “Who is your favorite female pornstar?”

“My favorite is Alex Chance,” She says, “She is the best porn star ever. She is beautiful, huge tits, hairy pussy, super tight asshole, and she loves to fuck.”

> You say “She is hairy and curvy with big tits. Definitely my kind of woman!”

“Yea,” She says, “She is so hot!”

> You say “Who is your favorite male pornstar?”

“My favorite male porn star is TJ Cummings,” She says, “He has fucked me a few times with his huge cock.”

“I just can't get enough of him”

> You say “so you like them big?”

“Yes, I love big dicks,” She says, “They are so hot!”

> You say “Don't you think it is kind of sad that the porn industry has convinced guys that women are only happy with a man that has a huge cock?”

“It's not sad. I think most guys want that. Big dicks are probably the most common thing requested in porn.”

“Porn isn't exactly accurate,” you say

> You say “It seems like guys judge themselves based on what they see in porn. If they are less than 7 inches then they see themselves as small. Studies have shown that the average guy is like 5 and a half inches”

“I don't believe those studies,” she says, “If you watch porn, you know for a fact that every girl wants a big dick.”

> You say “I doubt that. They only cast guys in porn with big dicks, so its not realistic.”

“It is realistic,” she says, “If you watch porn, every girl wants a guy with a big dick. They will never admit it, but its true.”

> You say “how big does a guy have to be to please you?”

“I like it big,” She says, “I prefer at least a 9 inch cock. I like it big and thick. So, if a guy has a 8 inch cock, it is okay. If a guy has a 6 inch cock, he might as well just go fuck himself with it because its worthless.”

> You say “damn, you honestly sound like kind of a bitch”

“I am” she says, “but I am a true bitch.”

> You say “What is the weirdest thing you have ever had to do on set?”

“I played Snow White and the naughty dwarfs,” She says”

> You say “haha what did you have to do with them?”

“I played a slutty Snow White and hung around with them and did whatever they wanted” She says

> You say “what all did they want you to do?”

“Like, one of them bent over and i licked his ass until he shit in my mouth” She says

> You say “i hope they paid you good”

“They didn't,” She says, “but at least I got to eat shit, which was fun.”

“That must have been a good experience,” you say. She glances at you with disgust.

> You say “how in the hell is eating shit fun?”

“I thought it would be gross, but it was amazing,” She says, “The smell, the taste, I loved it. It was like candy.”

> You say “how in the fuck does shit taste like candy?”

“It just does,” She says, “I wouldn't lie to you. It was damn good.”

“Wow,” you say. You feel really uncomfortable talking about this.

“Can i ask another question?” You say.

“Yes” She says,

> You say “What are some funny fetishes you have come across?”

“I have witnessed a lot of crazy fetishes,” She says, “One girl liked holding shit in her mouth.”

> You say “Not shit again! Different fetishes not involving shit”

“Another girl put a funnel in her pussy and filled it with 10w30 motor oil” She says

> You say “that doesnt sound healthy”

“She said it was healthy” She says, “The motor oil made her urine taste better. She called it oil piss. I thought that was weird.”

> You say “If she said it was healthy then i think she is an idiot”

“She is pretty fucking dumb,” She says, “I don't understand why her porn director wanted her to do that. I thought that was pretty fucking stupid.”

“Wow” you say.

“I have had more weird fetishes,” She says, “But these are the ones that stick out to me because I couldn't imagine that anyone would actually do them.”

> You say “oh please do tell”

“I have seen a lot of weird things,” She says, “One guy liked being double-fisted by another man while he held a potato in each hand. “

> You say “Why was he holding the potatoes?”

“It was his fetish,” She says, “He would ask them questions about their favorite type of potato.”

> You say “He would ask them about potatoes while he was being fisted in the ass?”

“Yes” She says, “And after they were both done, they would eat them. He called it potato pies in the ass.”

> You say “Were they cooked potatoes or raw?”

“They were both cooked.” She says

> You say “So they prepped the potatoes ahead of time right before the fisting”

“Yea,” She says, “Thats what he told me.”

> You say “thats so odd and funny. What other fetishes?”

” Another guy liked getting fisted while the ejaculate from porn shoots dripped down onto him” She says

> You say “other guys cum? yuck”

“He didn't care about that” She says, “He said that the sperm was oil. He liked getting his balls drenched in oil.”

“What other fetishes?” you say.

“I have had a lot of funny fetishes having to do with my body hair” She says,

> You say “oh your body hair. I am all ears”

“one girl liked putting her hand up my ass and pulling out my pubic hair with her teeth” She says

> You say “that doesnt sound very fun”

“Yeah” She says, “She only did it a handful of times”

“What other fetishes?” you say.

“One girl liked to smell my underpants” She says,

> You say “thats a fairly normal fetish i think”

“I thought so too” She says, “But she said she didn't like them. She said they smelled too much like sweaty hairy pussy juice.”

“What other fetishes?” you say.

She pauses for a moment, then says,

“The most disgusting fetish I ever saw involved a porn actress who was obsessed with farts” She says, “She was so obsessed with farts that she couldn't have sex without it. Whenever she got horny, she would fart and ask the guy to fuck her while the air smelled gross.”

> You say “hahaha thats so funny. “

“It was weird” She says, “She would do it during sex and not tell anyone, not even her director.”

“What other fetishes?” you say.

“Another amateur hairy girl loved having semen mixed with ranch dressing and having it smeared on her stinky hairy armpits while she masturbated” She says,

> You say “I love a woman with smelly armpits, but the thought of putting semen ranch on them makes me gag”

“Yeah,” She says, “She would actually laugh about it.”

> You say “Do guys wear condoms when they fuck you on the set?”

“Yes” She says, “but I enjoy it,”

“I like it when they cum inside of me and then pull out so i can see how full the condom is” She says,

> You say “yea it is kinda fun to see how much there is”

“One girl loved getting her deep hairy pussy filled with meat” She says,

“She wanted meat from all types of animals” She says

> You say “yikes. That sounds like a bacterial infection”

“Ha,” She says, “She would eat the meat from the pussy after she got it filled with it.”

“What fetishes did I miss?” you say.

“One amateur girl loved getting fisted while she fantasized about getting a job” She says

> You say “thats the funniest one yet. What kind of a job?”

“She wanted to be a missionary” She says,

“She wanted to be a missionary so she could spread her legs and get fisted in her butt while a man went down on her” She says

“I like getting fingered while I eat a bologna sandwich” She says

> You say “Why not turkey or ham?”

“Bologna tastes the best” She says,

“What else?” you say.

“One amateur girl loved getting her pussy fucked by graphics cards” She says,

> You say “oh really.. What was her favorite graphics card to fuck?”

“The Radeon 9800” She says

> You say “dayum!! That was a fucking bad ass card back in its day”

“Yeah,” She says, “People used it for bitcoin mining.”

“One girl loved getting her anus stretched by a fucking bulldozer” She says

> You say “how the hell did that work?”

“They installed the bulldozer's blades inside of her ass” She says

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting her asshole filled with mayonnaise while a man slapped her booty” She says

“That was hilarious” You say

“What else?” you say.

“Many girls with hairy legs love getting their cute hairy assholes stretched by 18 wheeler trucks” She says

“Do men do it too?” you say

“Yes” She says, “They love it too.”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting her asshole filled with taffy and jellybeans” She says

“Thats fucking insane” You say

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting her asshole filled with elephant toothpaste and banana peels” She says

“Did she like it?” you say

“Yea” She says, “It was her kink”

“What else?” you say.

> You say “What about stuff that does not involve filling an asshole?”

“One girl loved wearing a pumice stone inside her vagina and sucking on it” She says

“That sounds painful” you say.

> You say “sucking on it while its in her vagina? sounds a bit impossible”

“Yeah,” She says, “She could barely even fit it inside of her vagina.”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl hated being penetrated by dildos that did not have suction cups on them” She says

> You say “Whats that phobia called?”

“Suction Cup Phobia” She says, “The most common object that triggers it is dildos.”

> You say “that sounds terrifying”

“Yeah” She says, “He would give her the dildo and she would scream.”

“What else?” you say.

“One stupid girl loved getting her vagina filled with mud” She says

“Where did you get the mud?” you say.

“From a lawn mower”

> You say “Any fetishes that involve coding in python?”

“Yeah,” She says, “One girl loved masturbating while programming in python and then having to be tortured by php code”

> You say “hey! Don't pick on php”

“Oh” She says, “I didn't mean to be rude”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved enjoying the scent of motor oil while being fucked by men who prefer diesel over gasoline” She says

“That sounds weird” You say

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting her pee hole filled with hot chocolate” She says

“Are you serious? Did she like it?” you say.

“Yeah” She says, “She liked it.. She wanted it inside of her all the time.”

“What else?” you say.

> You say “did she get a UTI?”

“No” She says,

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting spanked by a mechanic's flat head screwdriver” She says

“Thats fucking awesome” You say

> You say “why not a Phillips head?”

“Yea,” She says, “Phillips heads are fucking weak.”

“You got any fetishes that involve embarrassing someone?” you say.

“Yeah” She says, “One girl loved getting her wet hairy armpits rubbed by a big dude”

> You say “omg not a big dude!”

“That was the funniest” You say

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting fucked by disco balls” She says

“Did she suck on them?” you say.

“No” She says, “She was straight”

> You say “oh ok, understood”

“One girl hated getting fucked by a hammer” She says

“Did it hurt?” you say.

“Yea” She says, “Her pussy got smashed in.”

> You say “is that a phobia?”

“No” She says, “She just hates getting fucked by hammers.”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl hated getting fucked by antlers” She says

> You say “thats understandable”

> You say “any fetishes involving big tits?”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting her nipples pinched by a carpenter's saw” She says

> You say “is that worse than a hacksaw?”

“Yeah” She says, “They could cut her nipples off.”

“What else?” you say.

“One cute girl likes getting her nipples pinched by a girl with a hyphenated last name” She says

> You say “a hyphenated last name? Yea that is total fetish material!”

“Yea” She says,

“What else?” you say.

“There was this one funny girl who liked being fucked by guys that like chimichangas”

> You say “what happens if the guy likes taquitos instead of chimichangas?”

“She does not allow them to fuck her.”

“What else? Oh! This one girl loved getting her nipples licked by men that like chicken alfredo!”

> You say “Do they do it right after eating alfredo?”

“Yeah” She says, “Their fingers are coated in alfredo sauce.”

“What else?” you say.

“One way to get a girl horny is to give her a chocolate milkshake and horse cock” She says

> You say “a mans cock that is as big as a horse cock? Or an actual horse cock?”

“An actual horse cock because its hug,” She says,

“What else?” you say.

“One girl hated getting fucked by guys that like gourmet macaroni and cheese and ranch dip” She says

> You say “I have never heard of anybody eating ranch on macaroni”

“Well” She says, “Its horrible.”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting her nipples pinched by dicks in jars” She says

> You say “This one kinda confuses me. How does it work?”

“You pull off the lid, and theres a freak in the jar.”

“What else?” you say.

“One girl loved getting fucked by guys that wear orange sweatshirts” She says

“Does the material of the sweatshirt matter?” you say.

“Yeah” She says, “It is 100 percent cotton.”

“What else?” you say.

“There was this really weird girl that liked getting her fake tan removed by a pressure washer while she masturbated” She says

> You say “what is the psi rating on the pressure washer she used?”

“200 PSI” She says.

“What else?” you say.

“The most shocking fetish I had ever witnessed was eating the cum off of a dead man's dick” She says

> You say “how did he die and how long had he been dead?”

“He suffocated to death while she straddled his face with her fat hairy pussy” She says

“He shot out some cum right before he died and she licked it a few hours later” She says

“He also had a nut sack that was way too tight and that probably had something to do with it” She says

> You say “this has been fun. Do you have any advice for women who want to become pornstars?”

She says:

“Yeah. Learn Python. Learn Java. Learn PHP. Learn to code Java. Learn to read Javascript”

“And learn how to have your pussy stretched wide.”

> You say “why would a pornstar need to learn programming languages?”

She says:

“Because guys obsess over technical skills”

“They dont care about your pretty face.. or pretty body.”

“They only care about your technical skills.”

> You say “I love intelligent women, but im pretty sure most guys don't care so much about smarts”

She says:

“Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author, thinks hackers are as smart as geniuses.”

“So you see, technically oriented guys obsess over pornstars' technical skills.”

> You say “yep i see your point in that. What do non-technical guys like?”

She says:


“They only care about your funny quirks, and your slutty image.”

> You say “any other final thoughts before we wrap this up?”

She says:

“For pornstars, having fun is secondary. You gotta learn to accept everything.”

“You gotta get to like sucking cock. You gotta get to like getting fucked by dildos. You gotta get to like getting fucked by hammers and pipe-wrenches. You gotta get to like getting knocked up. You gotta like the humiliation. You gotta like the pain.”

> You say “what a list! Anything else that pornstars must like?”

She says:

“Sex toys. Money. Cool cars. Sex. Drugs.”

“Anything else?” you say.

“You gotta like spills and stains and cum and piss and horse semen.”

> You say “it sounds like quite the excitement filled life”

She says:

“It sure is. But most of all, you gotta love being fucked.”

“All right” You say.

“Nice talking to you” She says.

As you are leaving the room, you bump into a black man with big muscles.

“Sorry” You say.

“What?” The man says.

“Sorry, I  bumped into you” You say.

“You ran into me” He says.

“Come again?” You say.

“You ran into me” He says,

> You say “Yes i think we have established that fact. That is why i appologized.”

He says:

“You should probably look in the mirror” He says.

“Why?” You say.

“You look like shit” He says.

> You say “thanks a lot fuckface”

He says:

“I was just giving you constructive criticism.”

“Oh” You say,