Hair Is Beautiful and Natural

Female body hair is beautiful and natural. It should not be deemed gross or inappropriate. Being considered un-feminine is simply untrue because everyone grows hair under their armpits. Who is to say it is not sexy? Who has that power? How come men can grow all their hair naturally, and women are expected to shave and wax? Women are getting sick and tired of being on a different playing field. Some may see this as rebellion, but it is truly beautiful and a way to stand up for their own sex. Women have so much to offer, and you better be embracing them for their talents and inner beauty. If armpit hair freaks you out, you are living in the wrong generation. It is a way to embrace your beauty wholeheartedly and live out a part of your feminine power.

Not only is growing armpit and body hair natural, but it is way cheaper than having to go out and buy razors month to month. Razors are expensive and the phrase regarding it being expensive to be pretty is simply false. Hair is beautiful, wherever it may grow… especially in hairy women porn.

For all-natural women, growing armpit hair is about gaining self-confidence. Maybe they were told that they were ugly or hairy growing up with a negative context. Re-growing their hair is a way to regain confidence and love your body in its natural state. It is a way to come back into the body and reignite the soul with passion and purpose. Female armpit hair grows for a reason… it provides support against rashes and abrasions during sports and sexual activities.

Womanhood pride is a big deal to our generation. After being suppressed for so long and judged because of how we look, it is a way to get back up and show our worth without following the typical beauty standards. It makes women feel beautiful, feminine, and strong. A lot of women only shave because they feel pressure from society. Without that pressure from men and society and television in general, women probably would have never begun shaving.

Some women say they feel even sexier in natural hairy armpits porn because they expose one hundred percent of their true selves. Many people experience bullying because of natural body hair, but being bullied often builds character and confidence.

Beauty standards are just that,,, standards that will never be applied in real life. They are photoshop, filters, and autotune. No model is one hundred percent genuine or authentic, and it has created a generation of so much insecurity and sadness. So much depression and anxiety among the masses, all because of appearance and lies about body hair.

Let your hair flow and rebel against the old traditional ways of living. Women are not puppets; they are women, and just because they grow body hair doesn't make them any less appealing. Women are not objects, and this is a stance to look beyond the surface level and into who they are as people.