How To Find A Hairy Woman

Nearly 1 in 4 women between 16-24 no longer shaving their armpits and publically admit it. You would think it would be much easier to find some of these modern cavewomen, but they continue to be quite elusive. Of course, we don't mean any woman personally offended by razors and depilatory tools, but sexy, hairy women. The Uma's of the Unshaven!

2018 brought us the beginning of the body hair pride movement, and it has grown exponentially over the years. Driven forward by woolly celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, it seemed every “in your face” woman in the press was also willing to put her hairy armpit image in your face. Today, there is photographic evidence all over Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media outlets that shows how many women have decided to toss the razors and let the fuzz grow.

Why Can't I Find A Sexy, Hairy Woman?

Well, where are you looking, firstly? If it's in the razor aisle, you have been given crappy directions and that is not where you will find a mature hairy pussy milf. Maybe on purpose.

Many women who aren't partaking in the pluck any longer are not relatively easy to spot in a crowd. When you've allowed your body hair to go back to its natural state, it's no longer going to look like some course, huge bush of thick armpit hair that would frighten most men away. It has returned to its peach fuzz-like texture, the way that it looked before mowing it down every day to be inoffensive.

Some women, especially those of certain ethnic backgrounds, will have much more noticeable and definitive body hair. Hairy Girls aren't out in public just keeping their arms raised above their head so that everyone who walks by knows that they are a part of the Unshaven. As much as we hate to break this news to you, partner, they're nearly identical to their sister tribe, the Shaven.

But Aren't They Worried They'll Offend Someone?

No. They most certainly are not because they have made a choice.

Are you offended? Because you don't sound offended. You sound like you're offended that you don't have a date with one yet. It's understandable.

Body hair shouldn't be an offensive matter for anyone unless it's that guy on the beach in the speedo who hasn't waxed his back since 1984. Now, that, my friend, could become offensive very quickly. As for some leg or armpit hair, there is absolutely no reason to be offended by hair in those locations. It isn't hurting anyone, and it isn't causing a scene, holding up convenience stores, or shoving down old ladies in crosswalks. Dude, it's just some damned hair. Let it go.

Is There A Dating Site Or Something?

Not as far as we know, but if you're an entrepreneur, here's your opportunity. There isn't, to our knowledge, a dateahairball.com, or such site, at least not at the time that this went to press. The closest thing would be to find a hairy Chaturbate girl to have some fun with. Of course, if you're looking for a date in Portland, you probably have a higher probability of finding a hairy woman there than if you were searching for one on Miami Beach.

There isn't a “type” of woman any longer who is saying no to Nair. They are from all walks of life, from villages, cities, towns, and suburbs. You can find them in Russia, Chile, and the United States. They can be your grandmothers' age or your sisters' age. They may be attorneys, or maybe they're students. It simply isn't a small movement that only a specific type of woman is behind any longer. It's just a lifestyle for women of many different lifestyles now.

So, They're Hiding In Plain Sight?

Ok, pal, listen. They're not hiding at all. They're just out there, living their lives, but that life no longer involves ingrown hairs and thousands of dollars on razors and hair removal treatment. Perhaps they smile a little more because they have those thousands in savings? We can't confirm nor deny what they've done with the savings. It isn't our fiscal secret to tell.

We can assure you that if you do end up meeting a sexy Reddit hairy girl and you're fortunate enough to get to see her naked, you'll probably stop all of these dumb-ass questions. Unless you see one in a sleeveless top or a skirt, you're not going to know until she wants you to know. That's essentially the point. It's her body. She's just trying to enjoy it as-is, without the drama, effort, money, and commentary toll that shaving was taking in her life.

Do You Think They'll Ever Return To The Razor?

We don't believe so. We don't think that it is a movement that will devolve because it's a comfortable, personal decision that these women are making. A very high percentage continue to voice their happiness with their decision. Plus, think of all of the mockery and snark they had to deal with to get to where they are. Why would they ever go back to spending an additional 20 minutes in the shower every morning? It just doesn't sound very feasible, now, does it?

So, if you don't turn it into a first date, painfully uncomfortable conversation, and just roll with it, you may find yourself lucky enough to date a sexy, hairy woman. Or, if you're a smart guy, you'll encourage your girlfriend to stop wasting her time and money on having all of her body hair removed. We're relatively optimistic that she would greatly appreciate some body acceptance at home. While you're at it.. call your mom and sister, and give them the encouraging speech as well. Spread the love and happiness around.