Reasons Why Hairy Women are Better in Bed

female hairy armpits

Are you a Hairy Mary or a Shaved Maeve? If you're the former, this is for you. If you're the latter, this is…also for you! Being pro body hair is a positive personal choice and allowing your Foof Forest to grow wild, free, and uninhibited is one of the most epic self-care choices you can make.


“…Betty, Put That Razor Down…”

Are men seriously bothered about how much body hair a woman has? The answer is “No.” For many fellas, there is a belief that body hair on a woman makes them look sexy, free, and wild – and that's a massive compliment. The original ideas and opinions around removing female body hair came into existence during the 1920s when women were cutting their hair short as a matter of principle. We've never rowed back from that. Maybe it's time.


Twenty-odd years ago, we all had a shit fit because Julia Roberts showed an unshaved armpit at an awards ceremony, all because her boyfriend at the time preferred it. Of course, we soon got over it. Did we find her less attractive? No. Did it improve her acting? Also no. One out of two ain't bad!

Miley Cyrus tried again in 2015, in a selfie she'd taken which exposed her hairy pits, and yet again, our world was briefly turned upside down until we forgot about it a day or two later just like.

It's not a big deal for a woman to have body hair and still be sexy.

Still not convinced? You might change your mind when we tell you that there are many reasons why hairy women are better in bed. The root of femininity is not at the bottom of a tube of Veet after all – no matter what those ads tell you.


Bigger beaver, better banging

One of the reasons body hair develops is to protect our sexual organs – mostly from stuff that shouldn't go in there, like your regular gross strains of bacteria and perhaps the occasional badly improvised sex toy (Mr. Cucumber in a Condom). But one of the best reasons for maintaining lots of body hair is that it provides an excellent banging shield that helps your delicate private parts stand up to a better pounding than if you removed it all. The less hair you have, the redder and more inflamed your skin gets the longer you carry on. The more coconut matting you have down there…well, try it and see!


Smell your clamshell

Pheromones. If you nose, you knows! These are the hormones of physical attraction, and both males and females exude them, especially if there is someone in the vicinity they want to fuck. If you regularly shave your bush or wax your armpits, the trouble is that you're removing a lot of the good shit. The pheromones that cling to the hair, scent the air, and let the person you fancy know that you desire them without actually saying, “want to come back to my place and help rearrange some furniture?” Let's be clear – it's not cool to have bacteria having a fun time up in there. You've still got to smell your clamshell and make sure it sees the soap at least every once in a while, but take your hair off, and you are removing a layer of sexy that could stay in place and give you a fantastic ride.


Drop Dead Bed

Greater body hair levels in women are usually linked to higher levels of testosterone, and it is not a bad thing. While we always associate this hormone with male virility and sexual prowess, women need it too. If there's not enough, it can affect reproductive organs and even bone mass in later life. Similarly, if there's too much, it can cause other issues like weight gain and create conditions like polycystic ovaries. However, a little extra testosterone has the added benefit of creating more body hair, and more body hair means you're statistically less likely to die while you're fucking. If that's one of your biggest fears, then grow your bush with pride.


Hirsutes You Madam

While we are on the theme of testosterone, one of the other main benefits of this wonder hormone in women is that it makes their clitoris and G-spot much more sensitive. Better and more frequent orgasms are entirely possible if you have more body hair than most. What's not to love about that? A woman who is more assured and self-confident with her sexual power is a woman that will be naturally better in bed and have lots of fun as one of those sexy Chaturbate hairy camgirls. Who cares if she has more hair?


Fur Coat, Fuck On

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when humans were evolving (some would say we haven't come that far, really), our only choice of clothing was body hair. Yep. Our fur coat. And it was everywhere. It kept us warm during cooler months and meant that we consistently turned up for weddings wearing the same as the bride. OK, now we have clothes, but body hair and especially leg hair can still provide a sexy layer of warmth that means a hairy girl will never be cold in bed – whether that's from foreplay to final countdown. Yet another reason hairy girls are better in bed! So warm and toasty, you'll never leave. Of course, if her leg hair is long enough, she might velcro you in place. Even better.

There are many reasons why hairy women are better in bed, and those are just a few of them. If you're not convinced by now, you should be. The myths surrounding hair removal for women (and men) are outdated, out modish, and often formed by some of the more unsavory sides of the porn industry that require women to look like girls – and that, my friends, is not cool. Just take a look at these hairy Reddit amateurs and you will see true beauty! Hair on women is beautiful, natural, and a sign of maturity, sexuality, and womanhood that cannot be denied. The full-bush, hairy pits, and leg hair should be embraced, adopted, and cherished. After all, who doesn't want better sex all of the time…?