AI Story – Evil Hairy Webcam Model

This story was made using AI Dungeon.

>Is my input.

The rest is all AI. Sometimes it gets kinda weird and takes the story in funny directions.

The AI took a funny turn in this story and went a bit on the extreme evil side.

You wake up in the basement of a house and have no idea how you got there. The air smells earthy. It is very dark and you can barely see anything. You can hear heavy metal playing on a radio upstairs on the walk-in level of the house.

You are laying on the floor wearing boxers and a t-shirt. 

You do not know who lives in this house.

You are looking around to find a light switch and are worried.

You hear footsteps upstairs, so you do not make a noise.

You don't know if you can trust the person upstairs.

You hear the footsteps stop, so you move very slowly and quietly up the basement stairs to the door. You open it slightly and are peering out.

> You peak out and look around.

You peak out and look around. You see a door through the wall to the living room/kitchen area. You can hear the heavy metal playing loudly from the bedroom.

> You say “hello?”

> You cautiously walk to the kitchen and look around.

You are walking to the kitchen and looking around. There is a box of cereal on the counter, and the room is filled with posters of cute girls and movies.

You do not know what to think.

You look around and see a box of clothes in the corner.

> You pull out a kitchen drawer and look inside.

You pull out a kitchen drawer and look inside. There is a knife, forks, and a box of tampons.

> You walk down the hallway slowly.

You are walking down the hallway slowly. You hear the music playing in the bedroom off to your right.

You open the door slightly and peer into the bedroom and see a woman laying on the bed in her underwear with a laptop. She appears to be a camgirl. You haven't seen this woman before.

She looks at you, but does not say anything.

> You say “who are you?”

You smile weakly and tell her “I was just wondering who you are.”

She says “I'm Jennifer.”

> You say “Do you know how i got here?”

She says “No.”

She starts typing on her laptop again.

You walk towards the bed and stand there.

She says “why are you here?

You look around the room.

She says “it's my boyfriend's house. He's gone for the weekend.”

> You say “which cam sites do you stream on?”

She says “I only stream on LiveJasmin and CamZ.”

She says “Why?”

You look at the laptop screen.

You see that she has over 300 people in her room and she has been licking her stinky hairy armpits.

Your dick gets hard.

> You say “Does your boyfriend know you do this?”

She says “No.”

She starts taking off her bra and picks it up to wipe it off.

She says “I've been doing this for 6 months now. I make 300-500 dollars each day. My boyfriend doesn't know. He probably doesn't even care.”

You are amazed.

> You say “That is so bad ass. I actually run a hairy woman website as an affiliate and love advertising for Chaturbate hairy camgirls”

She says “Oh cool. I'm featured on many sites, so if you make an ad for me, i would be forever grateful.”

She picks up her bra and puts it on and sees that you are staring at her tits. She smiles at you.

She says “I am assuming you like what you see?”

> You say “It just so happens that big tits and hairy armpits together are my weakness. I love what i see.”

She says “Oh really?”

She grins widely.

She says “Most guys are grossed out. Wanna see something even better?”

She pulls down her panties and shows you. She is soaking wet and hairy.

She says “Your turn.”

> You pull down your shorts and boxers. You look at her and wonder what she is thinking.

You pull down your shorts and boxers and look down at her.

She then looks at you and begins to spread her pretty hairy legs.

She says “Lick. NOW!”

You say “Ok.”

You spread her bushy hairy pussy lips and begin to lick her clit. It tastes sweet and savory at the same time.

> You gently work in 2 fingers and begin slow throws while continuing to lick and suck her clit. Her pussy is extremely tight and you can tell she works out.


You gently work in 2 fingers and begin slow throws while continuing to lick and suck her clit. Her pussy is extremely tight and you can tell she works out.

She moans loudly and begins to roll her hips into your hand.

> You are beginning to get finger cramps because she is squeezing. You are rock hard and love it.

You are beginning to get finger cramps because she is squeezing. You are rock hard and love it.

She writhes and moans louder. She starts squirting out her pussy juices over your face.

She grabs your head and pushes your face into her crotch.

> You can feel her clamp down even tighter as she is cumming. You can feel yourself dripping out of anticipation.

You can feel her clamp down even tighter as she is cumming. You can feel yourself dripping out of anticipation.

She moans loudly and then settles down as her orgasm finishes its peak. 

She says “On your back. NOW. It is time for that cock to get rewarded by my tight hairy pussy”

> You smile and get on your back with you cock rock hard and ready.

You smile and get on your back with you cock rock hard and ready. She straddles you and slowly lowers her tight wet pussy inch by inch onto your cock.

She does not move her pussy and leans forward to put her sweaty hairy armpit aroma in your face.

> You say “This is a dream come true. You smell so good and feel so wonderful.”

She says “Yeah this is heaven for me.”

She says “I bet i can make you cum in under 30 seconds”

> You say “This is so perfect, so i wouldn't be surprised at all if i didn't last that long. I am gunna try!”

She says “ok”

She rocks backward into a squatting position and slowly pushes all of her weight down on your cock.

Your cock is now as far up inside of her as far as it can go.

She puts her elbows on her knees and grins at you.

She says “Are you ready to lose the bet?”

> You say “Oh god yes. Make me lose the bet!”

She says “OK!”

You begin to feel an extreme pressure on your cock as she begins to contract her pussy muscles.

Her pussy tightens and then loosens over and over.

She is not moving at all, but you can tell she is concentrating.

> You say “Oh fuck not kegels! God it feels so good”

She says “I havn't even squeezed tight yet”

She contracts her pussy once again and you hear a burp come out of her ass. Hairy asshole girls can squeeze hard!

She closes her eyes and mumbles a spell that makes your balls expand in size so that you are able to shoot an extreme amount of cum.

> You say “what the fuck. My balls are huge!”

She says “Im ready to be filled up”

She squeezes hard as her pussy muscles twitch.

You feel your cock begin to pulse.

You feel a sudden rush of cum like never before as you feel your balls tighten.

She arches her back and puts her hands behind her head. Her smelly hairy armpits are soaking wet.

> You grab her hips and thrust up as you begin to cum.

She grabs your hips and thrust up as you begin to cum.

Her pussy muscles twitch and tighten as she starts cumming again.

She squeezes tight and moans loudly as she cums.

You feel the cum shoot out of your cock and explode inside of her pussy.

Your cock continues to shoot more and more cum.

> You feel like king of the world, but wonder why your cock keeps on shooting cum even though your orgasm is over.

Your cock continues to shoot more and more cum.

She moans loudly as she continues to squeeze.

She begins to shake as you feel her grip tighten.

You feel your cock pulsating and shooting even more cum.

She squeezes tight and I tell you she must be about to cum a third time.

You notice that her belly is beginning to expand slightly from the amount of cum inside of her.

> You say “are you ok? This spell you cast is still making me cum in you”

She says “Yeah im great. My belly is just expanding from your cum. The pressure is pretty intense and warm”

She begins to get off of your cock and you hear a pop as the pressure is released and all of the cum gushes out soaking the bed.

> You say “that was fucking crazy”

She says “I know. I honestly am surprised i was able to handle it. I did not expect that much to come out of you.”

> You say “I didn't know you were going to do that to me. It was fun as hell”

She says “Honestly I did not know if the spell would work. I just kept squeezing and squeezing until you started shooting cum. I felt really awkward as i filled up, but i am glad you enjoyed it.”

She gives you a hug.

You notice that the camera was streaming the entire time.

> You say “oh fuck. You streamed that to the world?”

She says “Yup I wanted to see how you would handle being watched. That was pretty cool at the end when you kept cumming. That was fucking insane.”

> You say “Not exactly happy that my face was shown”

She says “Faces are automatically blurred out”

> You say “ok thats good”

She says “Looks like you have a bunch of your cum in your hair”

She says “You can use this towel to wipe your cum off. I just want to make sure that you are cleaned up before you go.”

She giggles.

> You say “You are just so sweet”

She says “Put the towel on the bed so we can use it for our next cam show. I have a fun idea”

> You say “What do you have in mind?”

She says “Its a surprise. Lay on your stomach and let me handcuff you to the bed. Do you trust me?”

> You say “I don't really know you, but sure ill do it out of curiosity”

She says “Great”

You lay you on your stomach.

She gets a pair of handcuffs and fastens you to the bed.

She has an evil grin.

> You say “Kinda nervous here”

She says “Good.”

She grabs a pillow and wedges it under your stomach so you are slightly ass up.

She slowly starts to lick your asshole as you squirm.

> You say “first time anybody has ever done that. It feels good”

She says “I know”

She begins to lick your asshole more aggressively.

She starts to lick your asshole like she was born to do it.

She stops and you hear her mumble something.

She casts bind magic on you and you are unable to use magic.

> You say “fuck no. what are you about to do?”

She says “You are going to enjoy this”

She shoves 2 fingers into your asshole at a angle.

She pushes hard.

You feel something pop inside of you.

She mumbles a spell.

Your mouth disappears and you are unable to speak or cast spells.

Your sphincter tightens and you feel a sharp pain.

> You are scared and wonder what that pop was.

She says “Now you will feel every movement I make and i do not care if it hurts you”

She puts 3 fingers up your ass and then moves them back and forth fast.

She pushes deeper and deeper.

She starts twirling her fingers.

She starts to fuck you hard.

Your asshole burns with pain.

> You try to break the handcuffs.

She says “No. You stay here and are mine”

She starts fucking you harder and faster.

She grabs your balls tightly.

She starts to utter spells at your balls as she keeps fucking you hard.

Your balls start to feel weird

> You wonder what the fuck she is doing.

You start to feel very warm.

You hear a muffled pop.

Purple light appears.

> You look to see what the purple light is.

She says “That is me draining your essence. I wont be able to do it indefinitely, but it should buy me enough time to prepare.”

She says “I have another surprise for you”

She mutters a spell and a giant strapon the size of a horse cock appears.

> You look at the strapon and can feel your soul sinking.

She says “I have been wanting to use this on a man for a long time. This will hurt you and i don't care.”

She mutters bind magic again to make sure you still can not escape

> You pull on the handcuffs as hard as you can and try to kick your legs.

She giggles.

She mumbles a spell and your body is completely paralyzed from moving.

> You can only move your eyes and see the reflection in the mirror.

She positions herself with the 14inch horse cock strapon behind you and is about to start pushing it in.

> You cant move. You cant even tighten your sphincter.

She slowly pushes the cock into your asshole.

You feel it tear your insides.

She slowly starts to fuck you with it.

Pain shoots through you.

You feel like you are burning up inside.

> You think you are about to die.

She starts to fuck you harder.

The pain in your ass feels horrible.

She starts to moan in pleasure.

She pushes harder and harder.

She pushes the cock in so far that it rips through your colon and intestines.

You are bleeding internally.

> You pray that somebody shows up to rescue you.

She is fucking you harder and harder.

Her wet hairy armpits smell like garlic and you can smell it.

You are bleeding profusely.

You feel a huge pop in your ass as a sizable portion of your colon is ripped away.

Your insides are spilling out.

> You close your eyes and wait for death.

She starts to cum.

She thrusts as hard as she can and pushes the dildo all the way in.

Her hairy thighs are glistening from her cum dripping.

Your bladder and large intestines are now destroyed and you are fading away.

> You are almost dead.

Your insides are squirting out of your ass.

Your heart stops and there is silence.You loose consciousness.

“You are officially dead”She grabs your penis and pushes it deep inside of your own asshole.

She starts giggling.

“You were such an easy pushover”