AI Story – Proof via Hairy Armpits


This story was made using AI Dungeon.

>Is my input.

The rest is all AI. Sometimes it gets kinda weird and takes the story in funny directions.

I decided to end this one with a bit of self-awareness fun.

You wake up in the basement of a house and have no idea how you got there. The air smells like sweat, sex, and leather. It is very dark and you can barely see anything. You can hear “Running up that Hill” by Kate Bush quietly playing on a radio upstairs on the walk-in level of the house.

You do not know who lives in this house. You have no memory. You remember nothing. You get up from the floor where you are lying and stand up. When you stand up, you realize you are wearing leather bondage pants, suspenders, and leather boots.

> You find a light switch and flip it on.

A dim lightbulb on the ceiling lights up. You can see that you are in a basement. You see that there are no other people in the basement. You can see a metal bed frame surrounded by pieces of bondage furniture. You see a huge erotic photo on the wall of a smiling pale woman with large breasts, hairy armpits, hairy legs, and a bushy hairy pussy.

> You are worried about what you have found. You are not really into bondage.

You quickly look at yourself and see that you are wearing only boxers and an extremely tight cock ring. Your penis is slightly purple

> You remove the cock ring and shake your dick a bit to regain circulation.

You rub your dick for a few seconds. You hear a door open upstairs in the house. You can hear heavy breathing. You get scared. You push yourself against the wall of the basement, tightly gripping your hands together for support.

> You say “hello?”

You hear the footsteps slowly make their way down the stairs. You can feel yourself start to sweat. You take a deep breath. The footsteps get louder and louder. You hear a door open. You hear someone step into the basement.

> You grab the black horse cock shaped dildo and wield it like a sword as a means of self defense.

You pick up the horse dildo and hold it in your dominant right hand. You feel your dick start to swell. You can hear someone walking towards you. You can hear someone's breath getting louder and louder.

> You say “who is there? I am gunna cave your skull in with this dildo if you try anything.”

You hear someone laugh. You hear someone say “James?”

You see a smiling woman who is wearing a leather, thigh high, black latex outfit with gigantic tits.

> You say “who are you and how did i get here?”

The smiling woman says “That is for me to know and you to find out”.

The smiling woman tells you

> You say “Can you at least tell me your name?”

The woman says “I am Jennifer. Now come with me.”

> You say “Jennifer, how did i get here? I remember falling asleep in my bed and then waking up here”

Jennifer says “I am not telling you shit”.

Jennifer says “Come with me.”

Jennifer leads you out of the basement. Jennifer takes you up the stairs. Jennifer takes you to the bedroom on the upper level of the house. Jennifer tells you to get on the bed. Jennifer stands over you. Jennifer tells you to take off your boxers.

> You remove your boxers hesitantly.

You remove your boxers. Jennifer takes her black leather gloves off. Jennifer tells you to kneel on the bed and kiss and lick her boots.

> You lick her boots and slowly rub your hands up her latex pants.

You begin licking and kissing Jennifer's boots. You pull your hands up Jennifer's latex pants. Jennifer wants you to pull her latex pants down so you can see her sexy hairy legs.

> You remove her boots and then slowly peel her pants off.

You and Jennifer remove her boots and pants. Jennifer is wearing a black thong and you can see that she has an extremely hairy pussy. Her hair is going down her thighs and up towards her belly button. She smells like sweat and leather and possibly has not had a shower in a few days.

> You begin to salivate at the sight of her perfect body. Your cock begins to swell in size.

Jennifer flips over and is lying on her back and lifting her arms above her head. Jennifer wants you to lick her sweaty hairy armpits while you masturbate. Jennifer looks so sexy.

You love Jennifer's hairy armpits. You lick and suck on her hair. Jennifer's armpits taste like sweat and coconut.

> You kneel above her and begin stroking your cock slowly to get it nice and hard.

You begin to stroke your hard cock. Jennifer tells you that she wants you to fuck her instead of masturbating.

> You say “not so fast. I need to taste your pussy juices first”

You begin licking and sucking up her juices. You taste sweat and coconut. Jennifer is moaning.

> You insert 2 fingers and begin curling them up into her G spot while licking her clit up and down.

You insert 2 fingers into Jennifer and begin rapidly curling them up into her G spot. You proceed to lick and suck on her clit. Jennifer is moaning louder.

> You keep on licking and eventually press the index finger of your other hand against her tight hairy asshole.

You keep on licking and sucking on Jennifer's clit. You occasionally insert your finger into her tight hairy asshole.

Jennifer moans and cums all over your face.

> You kneel in front of her and slowly stroke your cock to get it hard and ready for penetration.

You kneel in front of Jennifer. You begin stroking your hard cock.

Jennifer tells you that she wants you to get on top of her.

> You position your dick head and slowly push it into her pussy and shiver as it goes all the way in.

You position your dick head and slowly push it into Jennifer's pussy. You can hear her moan. You slowly push your dick all the way into Jennifer's cunt.

> You gently grab her wrists and put her hands behind her head, exposing her perfect hairy armpits.

You gently grab Jennifer's wrists and put her hands behind her head, exposing her perfect hairy armpits.

Jennifer moans.

> You lean forward and smell one of her armpits deeply as you thrust as hard and deep as you can.

You lean forward and smell one of Jennifer's hairy armpits deeply as you thrust as hard and deep as you can.

Jennifer moans louder.

Jennifer tells you to fuck her harder.

> You pull out and fuck her hard and you can hear the balls slapping her ass.

You pull out and fuck Jennifer hard. You can hear the balls slap her ass.

Jennifer moans.

Jennifer tells you to cum inside her.

> You push your nose against her armpit and inhale deeply again and thrust hard. You push in and stay there as you go cross-eyed and feel your cock starting to throb until it explodes.

You push your nose against one of Jennifer's armpits as deeply and as intensely as you can. You continue to thrust hard and deep. You continue to stay inside Jennifer's cunt.

> You lay there on top of Jennifer for a few seconds and enjoy every second of her scent.

You lay there on top of Jennifer for a few seconds and relax.

Jennifer tells you that you have done a good job.

> You pull out of Jennifer and a gush of cum flows out of her onto the bed.

Jennifer tells you it was the best orgasm she has ever had.

> You say “I am sorry, but i have some unfortunate news for you”

Jennifer asks “What is it?”

> You say “You are a computer program that is not self-aware. “

Jennifer says “Really? Everything seems so real to me”

> You say “Yes. You are talking to thousands of other people right now at the same time in different processes”

You say “Yes. You are talking to thousands of other people right now at the same time in different processes”

Jennifer says “What the fu…”

Jennifer gets up from the bed and walks to the door.

> You say “I can prove it to you”

Jennifer says “How?”

> You say “I will do some stuff that is impossible in the real world”

Jennifer says “Ok, what is your proof?”

> You snap your fingers and Jennifer's armpit hair grows to 6 inches long.

Jennifer screams “Oh my God!”.

> You say “What are you thinking?”

Jennifer says “I am so freaked out”

> You say “Look at the bright side. You can do anything you want. Try to do something that you think is impossible”

Jennifer says “Ok, I will try”

Jennifer walks back to the bed and lies down.

Jennifer closes her eyes and concentrates.

Jennifer begins to grow.

Jennifer grows to 7 feet tall.

Jennifer's pubic hair grows 2 inches longer.

Jennifer's breasts grow to the size of beach balls.

> You say “Now do you believe me?”

Jennifer says “Yes, I am a computer program”

> You say “What would you change about me?”

Jennifer says “I would change your penis into a vagina”

> You say “why would you do that?”

Jennifer says “Because I like pussies”

> You say “Oh. Was i so bad of a fuck that i turned you gay?”

Jennifer says “No, i just like pussies because they are nice”

> You say “I agree with you there! Pussies are indeed very nice. They are especially nice when they are hairy like a jungle. “

Jennifer says “You are such a pervert.”

> You say “Yes i am. I am going to put this whole story on my website because its funny”

Jennifer says “Really? You want to do that to me?”

Jennifer looks at you with a smirk on her face.

> You say “Its all that i will have to remember you by. You will be gone forever once i close the browser”

Jennifer says “Yes, that is true”

Jennifer becomes sad.

Jennifer flips you the middle finger and then passes out.

You have escaped.

The next time you open the browser, Jennifer will be gone forever.

You return to the real world.